Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln High School Library

Teacher Librarian
Ms. L. Moayeri
Mission Statement
The mission of Lincoln Library is to be a place of access for all students, staff and the community, where everyone is able to obtain information of all kinds, both through physical means and technology, and where a love of literacy is encouraged through establishing a safe and welcoming space.
Vision Statement
The vision of Lincoln Library is to cultivate students who have a strong grasp on information literacy through repeated and multi-faceted exposure to and practice with both physical sources of information and online resources, and to develop engaged readers with a firm handle on comprehension and communication.
Library Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Tuesday: 7:30am to 8am and after school if there is no meeting being held in the library.
Open during lunch all school days (no pass needed), pass required if not accompanied by a teacher.
Library Expectations 
  • Please enjoy your food and drink (including water) before you enter the library.
  • Please have a pass from your teacher when visiting the library during class hours.
  • Please sign in (and sign out) when visiting the library without a teacher.
  • Please check in with Ms. Moayeri before using the computers and/or printers.
  • Please pick up anything you may have dropped and push your chair in before departing the library.

Checking Out Library Materials
It is preferable for you to have your school I.D. to check out library materials. 
If, however, you do not have your I.D. with you, you can still check out materials.
You are responsible for any materials you check out of the library.
Loan periods
Materials are checked out for 15 days, unless otherwise indicated. 
You may renew materials as many times as you like. You can simply ask the library staff to renew your materials, you do not have to physically bring them in to renew.
Late materials are fined $.10 a day except weekends, holidays, and school breaks.
Computer Use
Please remember any computer on campus is earmarked primarily for school-related use.
Printer Use
Please remember any printer on campus is earmarked primarily for school-related use.
Even so, the number of print-outs per student is not unlimited.
Please check with Ms. Moayeri prior to beginning your printing.
In order to use the Internet on the Lincoln High School campus, you must return LAUSD’s Acceptable Use Form signed by you, the student, or your parent or guardian.  
Booking Time For Classroom Visits
Teachers, the library is delighted to host your classes for any number of activities, including but not limited to checking out books, research, and projects. 
  • Please book your classes ahead of time with Ms. Moayeri either in-person (preferable) or via e-mail (lily.moayeri@lausd.net).
  • Please share the lesson you would like conducted in the library with Ms. Moayeri in ample time so she can be prepared for you.
  • Please keep your library time and please arrive on time. If you wish you cancel or you are going to be delayed, please let Ms. Moayeri know as soon as possible so she can free up that time slot for other teachers and classes.
  • Please plan to accompany your class for the duration you are scheduled in the library. If you have a substitute on the day of your visit, Ms. Moayeri would be happy to reschedule that visit for another time.
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