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Public Libraries Of Los Angeles

With your Los Angeles Public Library Student Success Card and PIN, you have access to unlimited books, ebook, audiobooks, many more than we carry in our collection at Lincoln.
You all have been issued an LAPL SSC + PIN, to retrieve your information, click here to fill out the verification form.
For directions, see below.

You can also ask Ms. Moayeri to help you retrieve your SSC + PIN.
Our neighborhood branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is Lincoln Heights Branch. Our young adult librarian is Ms. Kelcey Soderstrom.
Lincoln Heights Branch offers many free programs including SAT prep and practice test, homework help, Happy Friday For Teens, free WiFi, computer use, and printing which is free if it's for homework.
You can also volunteer at the library and complete those hours.  
Other close by branches are Chinatown, Cypress Park, and El Sereno.
Locations, hours, maps, and events, including locations that are open for pick-up and go.
You should already have a Student Success Card that is good at any library branch. If you do not have a Student Success Card, Ms. Moayeri can help you to obtain one.
Or you can retrieve your SSC number and PIN yourself by completing and submitting a verification form here.
Video directions on finding your SSC number and PIN here.
Your 18+ family members may download an application for a library card, available free of charge, by clicking here
Or they can apply for a non-student library card on-line here or an  e-card here.
Teacher can apply or a teacher library card here.
Locations, hours, maps, and events.
If you are 18+ you can apply for a LA County Library card here.