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Construction & Modernization Project

  1. First off, just as another reminder, remember that the steel erection is staking place behind the auditorium tomorrow and will continue into the weekend. This will impact traffic flow on Alta as the southern end will be blocked by a crane. REMEMBER, PARKING IS STILL AVAILABLE ON ALTA TOMORROW, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY, BUT YOU HAVE TO ENTER ALTA FROM BEHIND THE SCHOOL AND PARK FACING THE OPPOSITE WAY AS NORMAL.
  2. The ramp between the 700 Building and the 100 Building will be getting its light poles in the next few weeks.
  3. The railing for the new ramp from the 100 Building to the Covered Eating Area should arrive this week. With any luck, OEHS will sign off on it by the end of next week.
  4. The ramp connecting the Covered Eating Area/500 Building to the Free Speech Area will be getting its light poles next week. This means some of that protective fencing will be taken down around it as well.
  5. Work on the new field elevator connected to the track and gym will be done next week. You may notice a crane drilling some holes up there. There will not be any impact on us as the crane will be located on the track/field.
  6. 95% of the grass has been removed from the field. Next week they will begin taking the sprinkler lines out. They will begin working on the new drinking fountains and the water lines to install them next. They hope the new sod will be in place by 5/1.

See the LHS Construction:

$12 million field!

$13 million gym!!

$277 million TOTAL!!!


     Comprehensive Modernization Projects address the most critical physical conditions and essential safety

issues at a school site by modernizing, reconfiguring and/or replacing existing buildings, constructing new

buildings, and upgrading deteriorated and outdated school site infrastructure.


Abraham Lincoln High School Comprehensive Modernization Project includes the following investments:


4 New buildings with Instructional and Associated Support Spaces (31,000 square feet)

-New Classroom Building with 7 classrooms and support spaces

-New Performing Arts Annex Building with 3 classrooms-New Maintenance & Operations Building

-New Field Restroom Building

177,000 square feet of buildings will be retrofitted and renovated

-Main Administration Building, also known as Building 100

-Home Economics Building, also known as Building 500

-Gymnasium Building

The renovated buildings include 38 modernized classrooms, administrative spaces, library, locker rooms, food services, and support spaces Additional



-Handicap accessibility upgrades throughout the campus

-Site infrastructure upgrades

-Landscape and hardscape improvements

-12 additional existing classrooms will be painted

-New parking lots

80% of the classrooms will either be new or modernized at the end of Project!

$25 Million of the $277 Million will be invested in Athletics!!!

Approximately $12 Million Investment in Field Improvements

-New Field Restroom Building-In kind replacement of Historic Stairs

-New batting cage-New concession stands

-New multipurpose practice field

-Tennis out improvements-Handicap accessibility upgrades

Approximately $13 Million Investment in Gym upgrades

-Building seismic retrofit


-New 2nd floor restroom to serve the athletic fields

-Upgraded locker rooms

City of Los Angeles Funded an additional $2 Million towards Field Improvements

-New natural grass field

-Resurfacing the running track with decomposed granite

-New scoreboard with school branding

-New football goal posts

-New public address system and speakers

-New water fountains with bottle filling tap dispensers

-Anticipated to complete summer of 2024

$27 Million Total Investment in Athletics

Full Project Completion - SUMMER 2027

For additional information contact LAUSD Facilities Services Division - Community Relations: (213)241-1340 • [email protected]

-Work on the new elevator in the PE area will begin on Monday, Nov. 11. A portion of our track on the west side will be impacted but students will still be able to run complete laps.
-Removal of the existing debris from the 200 building should be done tomorrow (11/9). The breaking of the remaining concrete will begin next week along with its removal as well as the removal of some soil. Demolition of the 200 building will continue through the end of Winter Break
-The 500 building is about 65-70% abated. The first floor is done. It should take about 3-4 more weeks to finish abatement of the second floor.
-Footings have been excavated for the Annex behind the Auditorium. Concrete will be poured on Monday for 3-4 hours during the day.
-We are still scheduled to handover the auditorium and field at the end of the semester.
-In order to ensure the safety of the people entering and exiting the shuttle going to & from LD East, and to keep at least 5 parking spaces, we will be shifting the shuttle pick-up/drop off point on Alta ST from immediately outside the 128 Gate, north about 100 yards, to the driveway area where the trash bins are housed near the upper cattle gate (see attached photo). This is the same area where our school bus now loads/unloads our ADA student(s).
-After getting some feedback, we have requested that the shuttles leave more frequently rather than waiting to fill up. We have instructed the drivers to leave within 5 minutes of the first person stepping into the van. The vans should be on a constant cycle, so if you miss one, please be patient. One should be returning within the next 10 minutes.
-We are on schedule to hand over the Auditorium and track/field at the end of the semester.
-The 500 building is roughly 40-50% abated of material and is on track.
-Demolition of the 200 should continue as scheduled for the next 2 weeks.
-You may notice a new fence near the 128 gate. That is because we will be shifting our daytime entrance over there soon. The fencing is to keep visitors out of the main campus and funneled into the 100 building. The fencing has gates and will be opened before and after school to let students and staff in and out.
-Demolition of the actual 200 building is almost complete. The next phase, however, is the breaking up of the concrete foundation. The breaking of the foundation will begin either this Friday or the following Monday and last for about 2 weeks.
-As you may have noticed, "demolition" has begun on the 200 building. A lot has been done behind the scenes (inside) already, but now you will see the exterior walls come down.
-Construction on the Auditorium is set to begin 12/11. This also means that we will be unable to use the Auditorium after Winter Break.
-Work on a second ADA ramp connecting the 100 Building to the Covered Lunch Eating Area will begin within the next week.
-We are on track to hand over our field for replacement at the end of the semester (12/15/23) and will be without its use until the end of July (7/31/24); we are working on a plan for our teams to be able to practice in its absence
-Final demolition of the 200 building is set to begin soon
-The new ADA ramp between the 700 and 100 buildings is done; we are currently waiting approval from the District to be able to use it.
-The pick up spot for the shuttle taking staff to LD East will be moved to Alta ST outside the 128 gate starting tomorrow - Thursday, September 28 - in order to better secure the campus after school.
-The North East Lincoln Rams will be allowed to practice up at the football field Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6-8:30pm through 12/7.
-The front desk where visitors check in during school hours will be moved from near the yellow gates on Broadway to the 128 Gate on Alta ST. A campus aide will be located just inside the exit of the 100 building by room 128 with a desk, computer, and phone to check people in. We feel this will be a better and more secure location for us to check-in visitors during the more inclement winter months. Signs will be put up on Broadway and Alta to assist parents with this transition.
UPDATE - 8/3/23 @ 2:30pm
Here are some pictures of the campus! Enjoy!!!
UPDATE - 7/28/23 (REVISED 7/31/23 @ 6:00pm)


Take a look at what LHS is going to be!
UPDATE - Tuesday, July 11 @3pm
Check out the photos above!


UPDATE: Tuesday, June 20, 2023 @9am
Goodbye parking lot!
UPDATE #2: 6/15/23 9:35am

An asbestos abatement response action is scheduled to be performed at your site. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that school staff and parents or legal guardians of students be notified of asbestos abatement work. This work will be performed by certified asbestos abatement workers in a manner that ensures all environmental and safety regulations are observed. The work areas will be posted with asbestos danger signs, as well as be isolated from other areas of the building(s).

Planned Dates: 6/26/23-10/1/23