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WASC Mid-Cycle Visit Progress Report
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The administrative team works closely with faculty and staff to determine how well are all students learning andachieving and are we doing everything possible to support high achievement for all students.
You can access all our results from the last three years from this page.
Lincoln High School regularly updates community and school data on a yearly basis, reviews and analyzes the data and results, shares significant findings with our staff and faculty and updates the SPSA to reflect the needs of our student population.    Be advised that for some data we added additional years prior to 2019-2020 since either the data was unavailable during this period or it didn't provide a sufficient comparison to current results.
We understand our mid-cycle visit will be virtual and we would like you to get an experience of our campus and the exciting programs and classes we offer.  We encourage you to view our promotional video below.
The Abraham Lincoln High School campus is in the community of Lincoln Heights, a few miles north east of downtown Los Angeles.  It is one of the oldest and historical campuses in Los Angeles Unified School District. 
Abraham Lincoln High School receives Title I funds and 100% of students participate in the federal school meal program.  Abraham Lincoln High School is an urban high school that serves a diverse population, primarily of Latino and Asian families, including a relatively large number of students from low- and marginal-income families. 
map of los angeles with lincoln hs
Lincoln primarily serves students from Lincoln Heights which reflects the approximate the same racial/ethnic background of our school (70% Hispanic and 20% Asian). 
According to the Statistical Atlas, the population of Lincoln Heights is 33,241, consisting of approximately 9,600 homes.  The median household income for residents is approximately $33,700 as compared to $51,500 in Los Angeles County.