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Message from Our Principal

principal ruizA Time for Courage: A Message from Ms. Ruiz


Dearest Lincoln Tigers,


I want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and heart. 


As I think of the trial you, and all of us, are experiencing, it breaks my heart to know that this Spring semester I will not be able to see you in your classrooms, or in the lunch benches, or in the 200 hallways reminding you to be early to class.


I know that the task ahead of you is not easy; however, do not lose heart or courage. This is a time for courage and a time to reflect on how you will make a change in this world, for you are the future. Do you enjoy writing? We need writers that will write novels about how life came to a standstill in 2020. Do you enjoy science? We need healthcare workers and scientists that will be at forefront of our medical challenges. Do you enjoy music or art of acting? We need artists whose wondrous performances will help us relax in difficult times. Do you enjoy math or technology? We need creators of future technology that will make this a better world.


This is a time for courage so you can think about your future. So what is the first step to prepare for tomorrow? Focus on school. Study so you can give us a better tomorrow. Study so you can make your parents and all of us proud. Study so you can be proud of yourselves.


Tigers, do not lose heart and courage. We are all with you.


Rose Anne Ruiz


Abraham Lincoln Senior High School

3501 North Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90031

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