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Career Pathways

Lincoln High School has six different career pathways to pursue while at Lincoln High School.
Classes include:
  • Honors Intro to Engineering Design
  • Honors PRN Engineeing (Robotics)
  • Engineering Dynamics
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
For more details, check out Pathway Lead the Way page or speak with Mr. Cox, Mr. Bustillo, or Mr. Ramirez for more information.
Classes include:
  • CAD Architecture
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Architectural Design AB
Classes include:
  • Banking and Operator & Management
  • Finance / Planning & Investment
  • Finance Plan and Tax Prep or Student Banker
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Classes include:
  • Landscaping/ Horticulture
Video Production
Classes include:
  • Video Production 1AB, 2AB and 3AB
Theater Arts
Classes include:
  • Intro to Theater
  • Tech Theater 1AB, 2AB (Stage Performance)