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About the Program

The Neighborhood Academic Initiative Program
Julissa Medrano
HSC Program Specialist 
McMorrow Neighborhood Academic Initiative
University of Southern California
Soto Street Building | Suite 103
1845 N. Soto St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Tel: 213-716-4061
Fax: 213-743-1642
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NAI Class of 2023 Stats:
55% of NAI Class admitted to USC

Lincoln H.S. – 17 applicants 13 admits=76% admitted to USC
Wilson H.S. – 22 applicants, 11 admits = 50% admitted to USC
Foshay H.S. – 55 applicants, 28 admits = 51% admitted to USC

We are also currently looking for our next 6th grade cohort!
So, we are inviting any families who have current 5th graders in their families to apply to our program.

The USC NAI Program Sends Students to College

By Natalie Nim

Since 1991, the USC NAI (Neighborhood Academic Initiative) program in Los Angeles has given scholarships to help underprivileged students attend college. 
Students who stay in the program until they graduate high school can receive a scholarship from NAI. This scholarship gives students a fully funded financial aid package if they choose to attend USC, or helps students pay for four years of college tuition at another college. 
In addition, the NAI program gives students from sixth to twelfth-grade college prep classes on USC campuses. Teachers and tutors give students instruction on Saturdays, and high schoolers are taught an extra two days on weekdays. When interviewed, a sixth grade NAI scholar said,  “It helps me learn new things I did not know before.” These weekday classes take place at the KECK school of medicine’s college style classrooms. The program has summer classes as well. These classes are at USC’s downtown campus. Placing the students in classrooms and lecture halls on college campuses helps them to get familiar with college environments. 
NAI teaches students about subjects like English, math, science, and study skills. The educators also help students with their Monday through Friday classes. A ninth grade NAI scholar said about the program, “It helps me review.” These extra lessons help students stay ahead of their non-NAI peers. In turn, this makes them more appealing to colleges and universities. 
All of this is to help students be successful when applying for and attending college. Although NAI has only been partnering with a few select schools in the Los Angeles School District, they plan to expand their program with more schools.

Translation by Dual Language Class

自从1991 年以来,洛杉矶南加州大学 NAI(邻里学术倡议)项目提供奖学金来帮助贫困学生上大学。

留在该项目直到高中毕业的学生可以获得  NAI 的奖学金。如果学生选择上南加州大学,该奖学金将为学生提供全额资助的经济资助计划,或帮助学生支付另一所大学四年大学的学费。

另外,NAI 项目在南加州大学校园内为 6 到 12 年级的学生提供大学预科课程。老师和辅导员在周六给学生上课,高中生在工作日额外上两天课。接受采访时,一位六年级的 NAI 学生说:“它帮助我学习了以前不知道的新事物。”这些平日课程在 KECK 医学院的学院式教室进行。该项目也有暑期课程。这些课程在 USC 的市中心校区。将学生安置在大学校园的教室和报告厅有助于他们熟悉大学环境。

NAI 向学生教授英语、数学、科学和学习技能等科目。教育工作者还帮助学生完成周一到周五的课程。一位九年级的 NAI 学生谈到这个项目时说:“它帮助我复习。”这些额外的课程帮助学生领先于非 NAI 同龄人。反过来,这使它们对学院和大学更具吸引力。

所有这些都是为了帮助学生在申请和上大学时取得成功。尽管 NAI 只与洛杉矶学区的几所精选学校合作,但他们计划将项目扩张到更多学校。


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Students Prepare for College at Saturday Academy
By Adam Taussig and Alexander Allison
NAI students meet to prepare for college during Saturday academy at the USC campus. During Saturday Academy, the students have two periods. This semester the NAI scholars have English and math, next semester they take science and math. Middle and high schoolers go to Saturday academy ten times a school year. Milliann Sin said, “Our middle school math teacher, Mr. Deng, had an advanced class and we were ahead in learning so NAI was a good refresher for my memory about past lessons. I also got to meet a lot of new people.”   

When students get to NAI Saturday Academy they go to town hall (announcements) and recite the scholars code of ethics. The scholars code of ethics is a list of expectations of a scholar, and then they attend classes. The subjects are math, English, and study skills. They also have breaks and the program provides snacks for everyone. After the break, the students have their final period. Depending on what grade you are in at Lincoln high school, the USC scholars meet at the HSC campus Tuesday through Friday for first or second period. 
NAI scholar Manuel Ojendiz said, “I think NAI is a great learning opportunity because it gives me advanced classes. This puts me ahead of my fellow scholars and I will be ahead in life and learning in general. I also think it is a social opportunity because you get to meet new people in NAI and I get to know them more and I will  be with them for the rest of high school.”