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Lincoln Tigers @ Lincoln Library 2.0

The Lincoln Library Team made books on an iconic woman of their choice for Women's History Month using Book Creator and based on their research on their subject using LAUSD Digital Library databases.
Wendy Daniela
Andres Qun
The Lincoln Library Team watched documentaries on iconic women during Women's History Month via Kanopy using their LAPL Student Success Card and PIN and contributed movie reviews to the fourth issue of our 2020-2021 school newspaper, The Railsplitter.
Check it out on page 4.
Railsplitter WHM movie reviews
Lincoln Library Team made choice boards for our Book Fair with their suggestions for books to look for in the fair or to request Ms. Moayeri buy for our library at Lincoln.
Lincoln Library Team made videos celebrating Black History Month using Adobe Spark and with information gathered from LAUSD Digital Library Infobase: African American History and Gale Databases.
After a Nearpod lesson on Lunar New Year, (plus a collection of details from Gale Databases), Lincoln Library Team and Ms. Situ's 3rd and 5th period students put together virtual spring festivals celebrating the end of the Lunar New Year season. 
Lincoln Library Team did some reading and research on the Chinese Zodiac, determined their birth year sign and characteristics, as well as those of another member of their household with a different birth year and composed dui lian, or rhyming couplets that are written on scrolls and hung around doorways during the Lunar New Year season.
One of our Lincoln Library Team, Becky Ngheim, had their infographic on Dr. Martin Luther King's Principles of Nonviolent Resistance published in the third issue of our 2020-2021 school newspaper, The Railsplitter.
Read the whole issue engaging and informative issue here.
MLK Railsplitter
Lincoln Library team spent the week that started with MLK Day exploring various parts of Dr. Martin Luther King's activities, in particular his nonviolence beliefs.
Here are some infographics they made of his Principles of Nonviolence Resistance with information they obtained from the Resource Center for Nonviolence's Principles of Nonviolent Resistance by Martin Luther King Jr.
Members of the Lincoln Library Team did podcast series on the books they were reading. They wrote a script for each episode and used Anchor FM to record and post their podcasts.
Click below to listen.
Vanessa Ramirez: 500 Words or Less by Juleah Del Rosario 
Daniela Madrid: Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
Katie Dinh: Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp
Andres Cardenas Aguilar: The Late Bus by Rick Jasper
Andres Cardenas Aguilar: The Prank by Ashley Rae Harris
The Lincoln Library Team contributed book reviews to the second issue of our 2020-2021 school newspaper, The Railsplitter.
Lincoln Library Team spent a week learning about primary sources, ending with evaluating a primary source from a Native American tribe using LAUSD Digital Library's Infobase database.
Here are some handy infographics they created on the Importance of Primary Sources using Canva.
Lincoln Library Team "Democracy Doodles" based on famed illustrator and children's book author Mo Willems Election Day 2020 activity.
Here's a video of virtual ofrendas some of the Lincoln Library team made after a research project on Día de los Muertos, which takes place over November 1st and 2nd.
After retrieving their Los Angeles Public Library Student Success Card and PIN, creating a Goodreads account and star rating 10 books, plus receiving an access code and PIN to Open eBooks, our Lincoln Library Team created their book picks for Fall 2020.