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Our school is made up of two Magnet Schools and two Small Learning Communities.  Click below on each to learn more.
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The Math, Science and Technology Magnet School (MST) offers opportunities for students of all ethnic and academic backgrounds to participate in a rigorous college-preparatory program, with a strong emphasis on science, mathematics, and computer technology. Students are expected to participate in intensive off-campus field courses, and will be expected to take four years of science, mathematics, or technology courses. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding through hands on learning, academic research, community service, and a culminating research project during their senior year. Over ninety percent of our students graduate and transfer to a variety of colleges such as Cal Tech, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Amherst, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, USC, Claremont, UCs, Cal States, and Community Colleges among others.


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Lincoln High School Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) Magnet School is a small public magnet program (roughly 150 students) that provides all students a career-ready and a 4 year college-preparatory program. Because of the small size of our magnet program, our teachers commit themselves to engaging students, accommodating to different student learning styles, and believe in personalized instruction. At ESP, we challenge ALL students to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, hard-working collaborators, and reflective, inquisitive, and thoughtful members of our community


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VOICE for Medical, Business, and Social Sciences Small Learning Community provides an alternative focus for students who would like to explore the fields of medicine, business and the social sciences, while incorporating cultural, political, and social consciousness. Students in this SLC will have increased opportunities to build important relationships with staff on campus and mentors outside the school through partnerships with medical and social justice related organizations in the community. As a community we will give every student access to an education that focuses on creating awareness of social and political inequalities for the sole purpose of self- empowerment. Students will not only appreciate and embrace a multicultural perspective of the world, but will use this to create change and improve their community.


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Lincoln STEAM SLC will empower the next generation of Renaissance scholars to employ fresh, artistic thinking to revolutionize how STEM and Art can impact our lives. It is through the melding of these fields that students can access limitless possibilities.  STEAM students take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, creators, leaders, of the 21st century!