Educational Philosophy

It is the vision of the magnet program to provide the best possible opportunities for students of all ethnic and academic backgrounds to partake in a rigorous college-preparatory program, with a strong emphasis on mathematics, science, and technology to empower students with the ability and skills to meet the challenges of the future.
Our mission is to prepare our students to become independent thinkers with the needed skills to succeed in higher education and fully participate in our modern world. 
The fields of science and technology are the fastest changing, and exciting areas of human endeavor today, offering job opportunities and a hope for a better future for us. Intense training in the different math, science and technology areas, hands-on learning experiences, and interaction with industry professionals will; therefore, prepare students for the demands of our complex society and to be ready to take advantage of emerging job markets.
To provide a quality education in a safe and pleasant environment that promotes trust, fairness and mutual respect where there is support commitment and cooperative interaction amongst all stakes holders. Students who complete the magnet curriculum will have the needed skills to be competitive in the workforce, colleges and universities.
Highly individualized learning plans are available for our students. Each student in the program will have equal access to the coursework, consistent with his/her ability and achievement level.