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About Healthy Start

Healthy Start was established in 1991 through Senate Bill 620, the Healthy Start Support Services for Children Act, to improve student learning and support families. Healthy Start enhances efforts to close the achievement gap by helping children and their family members gain access to an array of learning supports. While each local Healthy Start is unique, all are designed to do the following:

  • Ensure that each child receives the physical, emotional, and intellectual support that he or she needs—in school, at home, and in the community—to learn well.
  • Build the capacity of students and parents to be participants, leaders, and decision-makers in their communities.
  • Help schools and other child and family-serving agencies to recognize, streamline, and integrate their programs to provide more effective support to children and their families.
if students require immediate St. John's services for reproductive health, visit the nurse, counselor or front office for referral.
Immediate attention, contact the PSA counselors.


Aydee Valle-Amescua

Student Support Service Coordinator

Healthy Start Program

Student Health & Human Services

Los Angeles Unified School District

[email protected] 


Lincoln HS  Wed - Fri.     323-227-1794

Healthy Start Special Project Th-F