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School Councils & Committees

The different school groups that make decisions for Lincoln High School are described below.
School Site Council (SSC) - This governing body is made up of students, parents, and staff members. The principal sits on the council. Elections are held each year to elect members to the council. The group oversees the federal funds that Lincoln High School receives. 
2021-2022 School Site Council 
Rose Anne Ruiz, Principal
Maria Leonor, Parent
Ana Lorenzo, Parent
Theresa Velasquez, Parent
Marisa Crabtree, Teacher
Jeffrey Treadway, Teacher
Katherine Dockter, Teacher
Clemente Sanchez Guzman,Teacher
Jorge Sanchez, Dean of Students
Jennifer Hercules, Student
Bilan Guan, Student
Karen Gu, Student
Title I Designee - Robert Villa
English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) - This committee is made up of parents/guardians of students who are English learners. The committee provides recommendations to the School Site Council. 
EL Designee - Alex Zayas
School Legislature - Our school's governing body oversees the calendar, instructional materials fund, and professional development for the school.