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Work Permit Policy

WORK PERMIT POLICY Permit procedure: 
1. Come to the College Office during Lunch or after school. 
2. Bring the most recent 10 week or end of semester report card.  G.P.A. must be a 2.0 (with no FAILS) or higher. 
Work permits are a privilege, not a right, students are required to maintain grades, credits at grade level, attendance and a good discipline record before a permit can be issued. 
Work Permits may be revoked whenever the health, safety, morals, or education of the student is at risk. 
Are there requirements to hold a Work Permit? 
Yes. The school requires a student to maintain at least a 2.0 G.P.A., with no FAILS in any class, attend school regularly, and maintain a good discipline record. The student needs to have a 2.0 G.P.A. with no F’s on the last completed semester and the current grades (grades must be official, i.e. on the computer system and not on a progress report form). 
Student Responsibilities 
All students applying for a Work Permit must: o Maintain a good daily attendance record in all classes. o Maintain a G.P.A. of 2.0, with no FAILS in any class. 
  1. Maintain an appropriate discipline record at school and work. 
  2. Understand that student's grades and attendance will be monitored throughout the year. If the student does not meet the above requirements, his/her work permit will be revoked. 
  3. Maintain attendance in compliance with State standards: Clear attendance for 6 weeks prior to issuance or wait until next grading period. 
  4. Maintain an appropriate discipline record at school prior to issuance. 
  5. Any student with grade, attendance, and or discipline within 6 weeks must wait until next grading period for the quarter/semester. 
  6. Agree that school is the priority over work. If the student drops out or otherwise does not attend school, the Work Permit automatically becomes null and void.