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About Counseling at Lincoln

Lincoln High School Counseling Mission
Our mission as the Lincoln High School counseling department is to support all students through a comprehensive and developmental approach based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards. We address academic, career and personal/social skills necessary to achieve quality learning and life-long success. We emphasize personal responsibility in Lincoln High School students as they work toward becoming successful 21st century citizens. We seek to develop collaborative relationships with parents, teachers, administrators and other stakeholders with the purpose of promoting our students highest academic potential. As counselors, we are committed to advocacy, collaboration, leadership, and data-driven systemic change.
The counseling staff worked collaboratively to create and submit a Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC). The SPARC is a continuous improvement tool that gives a school site an opportunity to demonstrate effective communication and commitment to getting results. The SPARC was submitted to the Los Angeles County Office of Education and was selected as a SPARC 2011 certificate recipient. The only high school in Los Angeles Unified High School. To view the document go to

Lincoln High School Counselor's 2015-16 Goal
              Increase Our Graduation Rate
1. Adult School (limited)-one section afterschool on campus.
2. E2020 - On Line:  Requesting assistance with beginning program for Spring Semester.
3. Review Graduation requirements more frequently with individual students, small and large groups.
4. Tutoring after school - Core subjects
Our Counseling Staff:
Joni Boykins Assistant Principal, Secondary Counseling Services
Deanna Cardenas Giron (College Counselor)
Silvia Jovel (Humanitas and Medical & Health)
Gloria Salcido (Science for Global Solutions and VOICE)


*Almost every class is a year long class, if there is an A and B section it is year long class. The counselors will not change any student out of a year long course, except for seniors that are making up courses in order to earn their high school diploma. Please do not encourage students that they may change if they are failing or even earning a D in a class for required or a core/non core elective.  Options are tutoring with the instructor during school or after-school programs (within the school and outside of the school).

*We will be making adjustments to students schedules in Algebra IAB to give them additional support and for those that are excelling we are working on an enrichment for the spring semester.

*ESL1AB, 2AB students will have schedule adjustments only because of the ESL class that will be changed (meeting periods have been adjusted).

*If you have a service worker that is not an asset to you please let me know immediately.

*Teacher request - I will try to accommodate, please send no later than this Friday, November 6, 2014.

*All changes will take place in December prior to leaving for the Winter Holiday Break.