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The Victory Over Ignorance through Culture and Education (VOICE) Small Learning Community (SLC) provides an alternative focus for students who would like to enter the field of education and the social sciences, while incorporating cultural, political, and social consciousness. Teachers will make pedagogical methodologies transparent to all students to enhance their meta cognitive skills and create self-empowerment. 

VOICE students will take an interdisciplinary, college preparatory curriculum, so they are prepared for 21st Century careers such as anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology, education, counseling, statistics, gender studies, and cultural studies. As a community we will give every student access to an education that focuses on creating awareness of social and political inequalities for the sole purpose of self-empowerment.  Students will not only appreciate and embrace a multicultural perspective of the world, but will use this to create change and improve their community. Our ultimate goal is to teach students to overcome stereotypical obstacles and barriers faced in the Lincoln Heights community and to create leaders amongst our students.

The VOICE community is dedicated to producing critical thinkers and active members of society. We will work with students to help them create their own unique identity and voice. Students will be empowered to use their passions to not accept things at face value, but instead to question everything and everyone with a critical view. This will be accomplished by ensuring that all students in academic courses within the SLC use the same analytical methods to evaluate and critique information presented to them. For example, all teachers will be trained to systematically use Cornell Notes and Interactive Notebooks effectively in the classroom.

Students from the VOICE SLC will be able to communicate and disseminate culturally relevant information that is gathered from research using technological and printed media for the purpose of entering fields within education and research. VOICE will give students active practice and set up opportunities in our community to use videos, PowerPoint, and etc., to express their individual voices on Voice Day and our Education Fair.