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About Mr. C

Mr. Conde teaches government, economics and U.S. History at Lincoln High School.



Hello guys,

We will begin group presentations on Thursday 10/10/13 and we will probably be presenting for about a week and a half. Hope that you are all  prepared.


Economic Classes

You have your Ch. 2 Test on Monday 9/23/13, make sure you study for it.

We will review for this test on Thursday so don't be absent.



Bill of Rights Quiz

Make sure you study your Bill of Rights. Our first Quiz will be on Thursday 8/22. Remember you cannot make up a quiz.

Economic Classess

Yesterday, Tues. 8/20/13 I was informed that they will be opening an additional Economics class. They will be handing me a list of students who will be enrolled in the new class that will be taught by Mr. Morataya. I will let you know you if you were chosen to be enrolled in the new class tomorrow.