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Technical Support

Technical Support:

Speak with Mike in Room 209 regarding any technology issues.

Phone: 323-441-4600 or dial 209.

Email: [email protected]
Join my Tech Support Zoom at

Submit a ticket via the web:

Contact Room 209 for software installation or minor issues.
Every staff member and student should be able to log into the LAUSD network (DO NOT USE LAUSD-Guest) using your Single Sign-in username to access the wifi.  Just use username (no need for email address).  In fact, this information will work at any site in the DISTRICT!
If a student does not know their password, they can reset it at
They will need their District ID # and Pin #. 
You can access your student's pins from MyData. 
Reach out if you can't remember.  You can also email me or counselors for a student's pin #.
You can access all of YouTube if you login to YouTube with your LAUSD email address.  You will be restricted if you login with a personal gmail account.
To Connect to Wifi on a personal Chromebook:
Here's the steps:
  1. Choose LAUSD
  2. EAP Method: PEAP
  3. Authentication Method: MSCHAP
  4. Certificate: Do Not Check
  5. Identity: SSO username (no email address)
  6. Password: SSO Password
To Connect to Wifi on Windows 10 computer:
Try to connect to LAUSD with username and password.
If it fails to connect, click Network and Internet Settings->Wifi->Manage Known Networks->Add Network
Configure it with:
Network Name: LAUSD
Security Type: Enterprise-WPA2
EAP Method:  Protected PEAP
Authentication: MSCHAP
Connect automatically or if not broadcasting
and Save
Now reconnect to LAUSD and use username and password.
To Connect to Wifi with Macbook, click Wifi->Choose LAUSD and use username and password.  You shouldn't have to do any advanced configuration.
Reach out if you need more info!