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Alma Mater


Words by Agnes E. Peterson
Music by Louis W. Curtis
All Hail! All Hail! To Lincoln hail! Hail Alma Mater true!
Throned on thy heights that upward reach,
To skies of cloudless blue.
Our hearts beat warm in loyalty,
Our love shall never fail;
To thee, in praise our song we raise.
All hail, to Lincoln, hail!
Hail, Alma Mater, Lincoln, hail!
Thy loyal sons so bold
Shall count their duty but a joy
Thy honor to uphold.
Untarnished shall thy fair name shine,
No doubts thy fame assail;
Each heart and voice approve our choice,
All hail, to Lincoln, hail!
The Alma Mater was written by two Lincoln High School teachers and first appeared in the 1915 Orange & Black yearbook.