Army JROTC Mission: To motivate young people to be better citizens.

The Abraham Lincoln High School Junior ROTC program is a student lead program which provides opportunities for young people in high school to develop leadership skills, get involved with the community, and develop academic, social, and physical skills to make them better citizens. The JROTC program does not prepare young people for military service rather promotes the pursuit of high education.
 Why Join Army Junior ROTC:
  • To appreciate the ethical values and principles that underlies good citizenship.       
  • To develop leadership potential, while living and working cooperatively with others.
  • To be able to think logically and to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing.
  • To appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
  • To understand the importance of high school graduation for a successful future, and learn about college and other advanced educational and employment opportunities.
  • To develop mental management abilities.
  • To become familiar with military history as it relates to America's culture, and understand the history, purpose, and structure of military services.
  • To develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team.
The Lincoln High School Tiger Battalion was established in 1919 under the authority of the National Defense Act of 1916, making it one of the first JROTC Programs in the nation. Although officially started in February 1919 under the direction of Lieutenant Nihart and Sergeant Wells, male students of the school formed drill teams in the Spring of 1917. The first camp was attended by two cadets at the Presidio of San Francisco; the following year, 23 cadets attended. The cadet uniform was typical Army uniform of the period, including campaign hats and leggings. The original battalion consisted of two companies and a band.

Today the current enrollment is over 100 cadets. The programs offers cadets a program of instruction, service to the school, community involvement, competitive events, and adventure training; all geared toward the JROTC mission: