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Special Education Information for the Entire Lincoln Faculty and Staff....

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Lincoln High School must...
*Complete the Parent Request for Reasonable Accommodations form upon student enrollment or initial assessment.
*Inform parents that the District offers training for parents about special education issues.
*at the IEP meeting, the IEP team discusses transition services planning for student 14 or older.
*at the IEP meeting, the IEP team discusses graduation requirements for high school students.
*for an initial IEP, and IEP is developed within 60 calendar days of obtaining written parental consent to the assessment plan, unless parents request an extension.
*the IEP is conducted within 12 months of the previous IEP.
*for a three year review IEP, a reassessment is conducted unless the parent and the district agree in writing that a reassessment is unnecessary.
*for an initial assessment and a three year reassessment, vision and hearing screening are conducted within the previous 12 months of the IEP date unless parental permission is denied.
*when a student transfers into the District, an IEP is developed within 30 days of enrollment.
*the IEP documents present levels of performance that include how the disability affects the student's involvement and progress in the general education curriculum.
*the IEP documents accommodations and/or supports for the student and/or school personnel.
*the IEP documents a direct relationship between the present levels of performance, goals, supports, and special education services provided to the student to result in educational benefit.
*the student's placement and services are provided in accordance with the IEP.
*the IEP documents participation in State and District assessments, including the CELDT as appropriate, and indicates the accommodations, if applicable.
*for a student with limited English proficiency, the IEP team considers the language needs of the student and develops linguistically appropriate goals, objective, programs and services.
*for students age 14 or older, and annually thereafter, the IEP includes an Individual Transitional Plan that documents needed services in instruction, community experiences, development of employment and other post school objectives, related services and, when appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and a functional vocational evaluation.
*the student is provided all instructional accommodations documents in the IEP.
*evaluation of progress toward goal achievement is documented by updating information for each IEP goal in the IEP Report of Progress and Achievement from Current IEP at report card time.
*the student receives all accommodations documented in the Section 504 Plan.
*the initial assessment report documents that the tests that were given to the student were valid for the student's evaluation.
*the initial assessment report documents that the results of the tests were a valid reflection of the student's skills and aptitudes.
*the initial assessment report documents the use of multiple types of measures to assess specific areas of educational need.
*the initial assessment report documents the educationally relevant health and development, and medical findings, if any.
*the initial assessment report documents whether the student may need special education and related services.
*the initial assessment report documents the basis for making the above determination.
*the initial assessment report documents a determination concerning the effects of environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages.

Thank you for taking the time to read each of the items above....we are now in compliance with one of our Corrective Actions of the District Validation Review (DVR) for Special Education and CDE.