About Drama Club

"The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life."
-Arthur Miller
Drama club is back at Lincoln! Our mission is to provide a free space for the artists in our school to express themselves in all aspects of the theatre. After years of being left without an outlet for performers during school hours, we're here to stay! Every person should have a chance to tell a story. And that's exactly what the theatre is all about. Come to Mr. Gladden's room at lunch every Tuesday for weekly meetings! 
Cabinet Members: 
President: Emily Arroyo
Vice President: Yilin Hu
Secretary: Karime Solorio
Treasurer: Cindy Balbuena
Not sure about what we're like? Don't believe that we're fun? Check out our vlog series! Watch a new member vlog each week to share with you a week in the life of a theatre kid! Each Vlog series is oriented around the current production ;)  Get a sneak peek! 
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Take a note from Hamilton and don't throw away your shot!