H Physiology

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Table of Contents
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The Basics
- Concept Check: Body Basics
- Overview of the Human Body
- Lab: Autopsy
Organization of the Human Body
- Concept Check: Molecular Transport
Human Tissues
The Blood & Lymphatic System
Print, read, and annotate the following article about hemophilia.
Highlight = pertinent information, fact, definitions
? = Eh? What does this mean?
! = A-ha!
Underline = unfamiliar terms
Make notes in the margins
 Answer the following questions after reading page 1 again.
- Concept Check: Blood & Lymph
The Skin & Its Parts
- Skin Lab: Procedures and Handout
- Fingerprint Analysis Lab (print and turn in last 2 pages only)
- Concept Check: Skin/Integumentary System
The Skeletal System
- Concept Check: Skeletal System
- Cold Case Files: Who Are They? 
Part One: Training
Get your forensic anthropologist license by exploring through the websites.    
Part Two: The Crime Scene
Your group is responsible for determining the identity of 4 exhumed skeletons. Use this sheet as your final report. It should be stapled to each of your finished skeletons.
The Muscle System
- Concept Check: Muscular System
The Digestive & Urinary Systems
- Notes and Lecture: Part1  Part2  Part3
- Concept Check: Digestion & Excretion
- Lab: Nutrient Identification
Testing Your Comprehension
- Diagrams for reference: Digestive  Urinary
- Quiz: Chemical Digestion 
The Cardiovascular System
- Lab: Heart Dissection
- Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure
- Electrocardiogram
- Concept Check: Cardio System
 The Respiratory System
- Notes and Lecture 
- Concept Check: Respiratory System
 The Reproductive System
- Notes and Lecture
- Coloring Diagrams: Male Anatomy    Female Anatomy
- Concept Check: Reproductive System (packet)
The Nervous & Endocrine Systems
- Notes and Lecture Key Concepts: 1-2  3-4  5
- Concept Check: Body Communication
- Quiz: Neurotoxins