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2016 Best in Education - Mr. Yom

We are very excited and proud of our teacher Mr. Yom. He is the 2016 winner of the Escalante-Gradillas $20,000 prize for Best in Education. Yom wants his students to know that it’s not about him. It’s not about a paycheck, nor about fame. It’s not about any individual. It’s about everyone; they’re all a team, and they’re all going to get through it together. None will be left behind. "The goal is the success of all, not the success of one."

For the last four years, an unprecedented 100 percent of Yom’s AP Calculus students have passed the infamous exam. All of them will mention, at some point, that one of Yom’s students, Cedrick Argueta, actually passed the exam with a perfect score, making him one of only 12 students in the world to do so, a feat which Yom humbly admits he is not sure he could accomplish himself.
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Special Recognition to Cedrick Argueta

Cedrick is one of only 12 students in the World to score a perfect score on the Calculus AP Exam. He is a subject of much applause on many news outlets throughout Los Angeles. Check out the full details and his story on KTLA.
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Lincoln Received a 6-Year WASC Accreditation

In 2014, Lincoln High School received a 6 year WASC accreditation! Outstanding work to all our stakeholders, teachers, parents, administration, students, and support staff! We should acknowledge the great work we do every day to prepare our students for college and the workplace!
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The Lincoln Tigers defeated Kennedy Community on Saturday, 80-75, to claim the Division III championship! Lincoln played valiantly on Wednesday, but lost to Price High School. We are still champions and achieved an outstanding feat!
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Free IPhone and IPad Course through Stanford Free Course

Feeling ambitious and want to learn how to develop apps on the iPhone or iPad? Check out <a href= "">the free Stanford video series</a> on doing just that. Watch them on your iPod Touch for free and learn at your own pace.
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Hip Hop Dance Team on Good Day LA

Lincoln High School’s Hip Hop Dance Team, Urban Movement, was on Good Day LA this morning, May 18, to showcase their dancing talents and represent Lincoln High.<br><br>
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Check out the State of Emergency Day Protest

Teachers and students are released early on Friday the 13th to protest layoffs and budget crisis. Check out <a href = "">the pictures</a> from the event.
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