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The Lincoln Tigers defeated Kennedy Community on Saturday, 80-75, to claim the Division III championship! Lincoln played valiantly on Wednesday, but lost to Price High School. We are still champions and achieved an outstanding feat!

Free IPhone and IPad Course through Stanford Free Course

Feeling ambitious and want to learn how to develop apps on the iPhone or iPad? Check out <a href= "">the free Stanford video series</a> on doing just that. Watch them on your iPod Touch for free and learn at your own pace.

Kenny Washington in the News

Check out <a href = "">the news story</a> about Kenny Washington.

Hip Hop Dance Team on Good Day LA

Lincoln High School’s Hip Hop Dance Team, Urban Movement, was on Good Day LA this morning, May 18, to showcase their dancing talents and represent Lincoln High.<br><br>
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Check out the State of Emergency Day Protest

Teachers and students are released early on Friday the 13th to protest layoffs and budget crisis. Check out <a href = "">the pictures</a> from the event.

Jessica Guerra is Named 2011 Emerging Leader.

Jessica Guerra was selected to receive the 2011 Emerging Leader Award for the 24th California Senate District. She will be presented the award by Senator Ed Hernandez at the Kaiser Permanente building in Boyle Heights on Saturday, 16 April 2011.

Students Sound Off on Technology Use

Check out <a href=''>this video</a> to hear what other students think about technology and its use in education.

News Story: Failure Rates for AP tests climbing

Check out the story <a href = ''>here</a>. The number of students taking Advanced Placement tests hit a record high last year, but the portion who fail the exams — particularly in the South — is rising as well, a USA TODAY analysis finds.
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