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About EL Learners at Lincoln

The goal of the program is to help English learners to achieve proficiency in English. The program ensures that English learners are programmed into the correct classes, offers them extra academic support, and extra monitoring including testing (the annual ELPAC test which tests both oral and written proficiencies).
Contact: Mr. Zayas, EL Designee
The ELPAC is the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California and it measures English proficiency in four sections:
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
The Speaking section is conducted one-on-one with a trained test examiner. At Lincoln HS we have Mr. Zayas, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Daisy, and Mr. Armando conducting the test.
Please make sure you have a secure browser on your Chromebook or laptop. IPADS borrowed from school already have a secure browser.
Click the secure browser button BEFORE signing into your Chromebook.
Web Browser
Downloading the Secure Browser on a Windows Computer (3:26)
Downloading the Secure Browser on a Mac Computer (Video; 7:35)
Logging into the ELPAC/CAASPP Secure Browser on a Chromebook (Video; 5:05)