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About Special Education

The special education program services students with various disabilities, including physical disabilities, specific learning disabilities, mental retardation and emotional disturbance. Most special education students are serviced by two different models. 

Many are serviced in special day class (SDC) or in an inclusion model called the Resource Program (RSP).
The special day calsses (SDC) classes are taught either in a passing model (students move from one class to another each period or in a self contained model where they stay with the same teacher most if not all of the day).
The Resource Program (RSP) has special education students programmed entirely into general education program where they receive services from a resource specialist teacher and assistant and are pulled out on occasion to a resource room which has its own computer/learning lab. Itinerant personnel also provide other services to our special education student education students.
These include: Adaptive Physical Education (APE), Language and Speech (LAS), Hard of Hearing (HOH), School Mental Counseling (SMH, PUC), Least Restrictive Environment
Contact Mr. Nava in Room 101 with any questions.  (323) 441-4573  [email protected]
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