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school days

Sender Sylvia Duran- Fernandez
Posted On 2010-01-26
Year 1969-1970
Memoir I too, remember meeting Stevie Wonder when one of the guys was taking him around the school. They came up to the girl's gym on their way to the boy's gym.. When I tell people this story, they don't believe me!! I'm glad someone (who was there) also remembers.

My Senior "B" year was Spring ' 69 with peoiple like May Lee, Nellie Munoz, Nancy Gonzales, Margie Gonzales. We were the very last Winter class to leave Lincoln, W' 70. In my class there was Becky Neito, Freni Caldron, Reyna Torres,Mary Vega, Mary Figuora, Irma Hernandez, Irene Paz to name a few.

Who can forget the teachers like Miss Boyco, Ms. Joe, Mrs. Wong, Mr. Padilla, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Gordon and of course Mr. Castro. I only wish I could find my year books from that era, as I had a great time while at Lincoln. I will never forget those Lincoln years as long as I live.

To bad some of my classmates are no longer with us and some of them had been together since Grammer School others since Jr. High School and others I met at Lincoln. Many of us have kept in contact with one another for over 40-yrs. now.

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