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Old School Days

Sender Rosemary (Negrete) Sevilla
Posted On 2009-06-25
Year 1970's
Memoir I remember when our music teacher Mr. Benson got Stevie Wonder to come to our school. Everyone ran to the auditorium to see him perform.

Lincoln was going through a lot of changes back then. One of them was the lunch menu. They added enchiladas, tacos and other yummy Mexican dishes to the menu. I will never forget the cheese toast they would sell at nutrition and the frozen malts at lunch. The little white spoon they gave you with the malts would always break.They also had a popcorn machine and if you could get through all the food fights that were going on in that area you could buy popcorn for a dime. At lunch time they would play records so that the entire school would be able to hear it.

Lincoln had driver education classes and also cars on campus so the students could learn to drive. There was also cooking, sewing and cosmetology classes in the late 60's and the girls would get their hair done with big dancing curls in the cosmetology class. Students had the option of being bused to Wilson High to attend certain classes and vise versa.

Hope everyone is doing well and living a fantastic life!!

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