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Jasmine Cabrera 2011 Los Angeles CA USA
Cruz Cadena 1977 Monterey Park CA USA
Katie Calcagno Rodriguez 1965 San Gabriel CA
Lawrence Calderon 1972 Pico Rivera CA USA
Leticia Calleros Lopez 1994 West Covina CA USA
Silvia Camacho 1996 San Fernando Valley CA USA
Rosa Camacho 2004 Los Angeles CA USA
David Camarena 1975 Simi Valley CA USA
Jessenia Campos 2009 Los Angeles CA USA
Vanessa Candelaria 1987
Kathy Cannon Johnson 1969 Spring Valley CA USA
Fidel Cantu 1977 Glendale CA USA
Blanca Carachure 2009 Los Angeles CA
Tom Cardenas 1959 Los Angeles CA USA
Magdalena (Maggie) Cardenas Munoz 1964 Pico Rivera CA USA
Deanna Cardenas Giron Cardenas 0000 Los Angeles CA USA
Jesse Carrillo 1969 South Pasadena CA USA
Christina Case Fierro 1988 Marion IA United States
Christina Case Fierro 1988 Iowa
Clara Casillas Zaragoza 2001 Los Angeles CA USA
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