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Francisco Alvarez 1985 SAN ANTONIO TX USA
Alfredo Amaro 1992 Los Angeles CA USA
Frank Amezcua 1981 Bell Gardens CA USA
Emilia Anaruma Lozano 2000 Palm Bay Florida
Yolanda Anaya Hernandez 1968 Monterey Park CA USA
Jim Andrada Jr. 1974 Buena Park CA USA
Brenda Andrade Andrade 2000 Los Angeles CA USA
Miguel Andrade 2007 Newbury park Ca
Helen Arana 1949
Helen Arana Fabre Arana San Antonio Texas
Ramon Araujo 2003 Los Angeles CA USA
Juan Araujo Araujo 2012 Los Angeles California USA
Gabriela Arce 2001 Pico Rivera CA USA
Jack Arenas 1969 Los Angeles CA USA
Edwin Argueta Argueta 1997 La Puente CA USA
Richard Arne 1983 Staten Island NY USA
Charley Arriola 1975 Omaha NB USA
Victor Arteaga 1969 West Covina CA USA
Leonor Arteaga Arteaga 2011 Los Angeles CA USA
Lydia Artishon Maldonado 1959 USA
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