Yearbook (Period 3)

Michael Skramstad
2017-2018 School Year

General Information:

Together, we will work to learn the fundamentals of desktop publishing to design Lincoln's yearbook. This course is designed for students who want an in-depth experience in the production of a yearbook. The study and application of photo composition skills, page layout and design skills, headline and caption writing skills, and advertising are emphasized.

You will receive guided instruction in the fundamentals of journalistic writing, photojournalism, graphic design, budget management, and organizational skills necessary to produce the yearbook, as well as guided practice in the areas of responsibility necessary for the production of the book. You will also develop the abilities to work as a team as we produce the yearbook.

You will use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop along with online eDesign software to produce the yearbook. The aim of the class is for you and your staff members to be responsible for every aspect of production, including selling, advertising, planning themes, designing covers and endsheets, planning the ladder, designing dividers, interviewing, researching, writing articles, editing writing for style and mechanics, writing headlines & captions, taking pictures, and designing pages.


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