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August 25th 2011-Today was the biggest honor for the Lincoln Color Guard. They were given the honor of presenting the colors at the Local District 5 Graduation ceremony. The Color Guard for the ceremony was composed of Kenny Dinh, Gabriela Oros, Mayra Navarrete, and Jane Van; they were all ready to present the colors at the Local District 5 graduation. Everyone was watching them as they carefully marched up to the area where the presenter was standing; they moved to each side of the room and stood at attention, looking forward and keeping their facial expressions professional. The Color Guard waited patiently as everyone was being seated and the graduates were getting ready to take their seats on each side of the room. Once the ceremony began, everyone was standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance and then commander, Kenny Dinh, commanded the Color Guard to Present Arms. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the Color Guard marched carefully down the aisle, making sure that they didnu2019t bump into any graduates. When they marched out, a staff member from Local District 5 offered some cake and beverages to the Color Guard and to Sergeant Rosado. Once again, the Lincoln High School Color Guard did an outstanding job as always. Go Tigers!