Welcome to Abraham Lincoln High School's Website located just out of heart of Los Angeles.  Pawfect Attendance: Pawfect Attendance:Rolando Tadeo, Ashley Lavana, Cristian Texis, Thi Dinh

Our Student Leaders

Here are our Student Leaders

for 2016-2017


ASB Cabinet

President:  Desiree Jimmy

Vice President: Sarah Cardenas

Secretary: Arleen Rodriguez

Treasurer: Kathya Hernandez


Senior Cabinet

President: Criscelle Vargas

Vice President: Priscilla Ortega

Treasurer: Braulio Chavez

Secretary: Natalie Reyes

Historian: Sarah Cardenas


Junior Cabinet

President:  Serena Lopez

Vice President: Gisselle Espinosa

Treasurer: Kevin Martinez

Historian: Brittany Lizaola