A-G Diploma Program

Edwin Yau, PSA a-g counselor


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Credit Recovery Options


Stay posted for credit recovery options for 2018-2019. (Based on funding). 



Lincoln High After School Credit Recovery

*These classes (PASS & GRIMP) allow students to make up a class by completing missing work to earn a "C" Grade. These classes take place after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 2 Saturdays for 8 (eight weeks). 

Select classes will be offered only 1 time per year.

 *please turn in credit recovery consent form attachment (updated 2/20/18).


Adult School Packets

This program allows students to make up classes after school on Monday- Thursday at the ELA Skills Center Campus. An "A" grade can be earned for those that want to improve their GPA. Attendance is mandatory and length is based on the progress of student. On average, it will take a student 6-8 weeks to complete a course. 


To enroll, print pages 8-9 from the "ADULT SCHOOL FORM" below, fill it out, and have it signed by your Academic Counselor or Mr. Yau.






If Lincoln isn't working for you for whatever reason, there are other options. Let's talk.  


Pupil Services Mission

The mission of Pupil Services staff is to ensure that all LAUSD students are enrolled, attending, engaged, and on-track to graduate.

Dear Student!
You are the future.
You are important and capable.
Press on towards your passions and goals. 
You are worthy of your dreams.
You are enough. 
Be the best version of yourself.
Let me know if you need anything. 
Please print and have your parent sign a form for the PASS class/Adult School form. (Below)