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9th Grade

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We define identity through race and culture, choices, and self-advocacy

Perspective: point-of-view shapes and directs perception, communication, and understanding among human beings.

Survival:  regardless of natural attributes, response to the environment determines success or failure.                                               

Free will is a uniquely human condition; it is through free will that human beings create and define themselves.

10th Grade

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Colonization leaves an imprint and a legacy on both the perpetrators and the subjugated people.

Inquiry: Knowledge is created through observation, investigation, theory and validation.

Innovation: Science and technology influence power and prestige in a post industrialist world.

Progress is not free: the benefits of progress are quite often debited to the traditions, values, aesthetics and skills possessed by previous generations.

11th Grade

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The conflict over man's relationship to land and the appropriate uses of territory and resources has defined and continues to define American life.  Conservation vs. Capitalism.


America's identity and ideals were forged in a stormy conflict culminating in the Civil War; the nation needed to choose between following the European traditions of perpetual prosperity for a privileged few, or embarking on a new truly democratic society founded on Jefferson's statement that "...all men are created equal."

American identity is constantly evolving. The 20th century was characterized by a conflict between traditional versus modern values. Traditionalists who valued self-restraint, thrift and hard work butted heads with a new generation that was more materialistic and fast-paced and less bound to rules and traditional values.

The political, ideological, and cultural struggle for equal rights has enormous consequences and implications.  This fight for equality and justice has not only shaped the modern landscape and policies of the United States but has also greatly influenced media, visual arts, literature, music and the cultural tapestry of the United States.

12th Grade

Portfolio Project:





 Culture is largely a manifestation of shared ideas about the nature and purpose of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a defining and unique characteristic of human beings. Various, sometimes divergent, ideas about happiness are products of shared experience.

Human life is defined and determined in large part by the tension that exists between the needs and desires of the individual and the needs and desires of the community.

Social class distinctions are "sticky" but not static, and they largely shape the cultural, social and political values of people in the United States.

The consequences of crime and the legal system are a normal necessary function of society.   The moral boundaries of a society are  many times identified by its response to the legal system.

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