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Guest Speaker Procedures

Guest speakers in classrooms are an excellent way to expand our educational program and provide information for students. Guest speakers help students apply what they are studying to different contexts, thus providing enrichment and an opportunity to expand learning and supplement the curriculum. College institutions, financial aid programs, prospective employers, outreach programs and other organizations provide many opportunities for our students. Teachers who wish to have guest speakers address one or more classes please follow these guidelines.

1. Obtain “Guest Speaker Approval Form” from Mr. Rosas. It is attached to this email. 
2. Complete form and return to Mr. Rosas
3. Allow at least 72 hours for request to be processed. 
4. Once approved, please notify the main office (Alicia—amh6468@lausd.net) and have speaker call the school upon arrival to facilitate access to our campus. 

According to LAUSD guidelines, the following factors are taken into consideration when considering approval: 
1. Competency of the proposed speaker to address the proposed subject, including the speaker’s experience, training and expertise. 
2. The educational value of the proposed program or address. 
3. Whether the proposed presentation, in the context of the teacher’s overall instructional program is consistent with the standards of academic freedom and responsibility and is related to and consistent with the curriculum for the class. 
4. Appropriate to the age and maturity level of the students. 
5. It is a fair and balanced academic presentation of various points of view consistent with accepted standards of professional responsibility, rather than advocacy, personal opinion, bias or partisanship.