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2013-2014 Professional Development

Current Professional Development for 2013-2014

District-mandated professional development which covers Common Core standards, teaching and learning framework and ELD mandate.

(Common Core): Teachers will learn how to design and implement Common Core standards lessons.

(ELD) Teachers are becoming proficient in SDAIE strategies to help ELD students to access core content.

(Teaching and Learning framework): Prepare teachers to participate in the new LAUSD teacher performance.

Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities's purpose is to improve teacher knowledge and practice.  These meetings take place once per month in small group of 3-4 teachers.  We are advocating an inquiry approach to professional development.  

The process:
1.  Teachers identify an area of instructional or curricular or environmental interest or problem. 

2. Collect data and analyze their findings.

3. Teachers make instructional or curricular or environmental changes based on the data findings.

The argument behind this is that teachers learn best by studying, doing, and reflecting and by collaborating with other teachers, by looking closely at students and their work and sharing what they see.

Research: Garrett, et al. (2001)

End of the year Summer training conferences (3 years of assorted workshops on a variety of topics)

Common Planning Time by SLC or Department

View data related to departments or SLC.
Discuss particular students / challenging students.

PD Goals of 2013-2014