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Dress Code

Dress Code

It is the intent that all students attending Lincoln High School dress appropriately to ensure their safety, prepare for the working world, and to focus on learning. We define appropriate as something that any person would wear while attending a social event where they will be seen by family and friends of all ages.

Here we present a list of some items not considered appropriate. The final determination of appropriateness shall fall on school administrators.

Students SHALL NOT WEAR clothing that may have a negative effect on their safety and the safety of others and/or on their learning.



  • No larger than 4 inches at the waist
  • No sagging (pants should not be worn more than 3 inches below the waist)
  • Cuffs cannot drag on the floor. They must rest on the shoes without pins, staples,   thumbtacks, tape, etc.
  • Pants should not have inappropriate cut-outs
  • No SHORT-shorts or skirts (too revealing)
  • No bare midriffs. No tube or halter tops.
  • No see-through tops, skirts, or pants



  • No initialed belt buckles.
  • No belt buckles demonstrating drugs or violence


No wallet chains or similar type objects.



  • No language or symbols that defame other groups or ethnicities.
  • No profanity, obscene symbols, or language.
  • No language or symbols indicating membership in or support for gangs, drugs, controlled substances, cults, or violence.
  • All clothing must cover the body adequately and must be appropriate for school or the workplace.


Caps, beanies, bandanas, or berets, can be worn if approved by Lincoln HS.  Official Lincoln HS team or school caps as well as other school-related clothing that is purchased at our Student Store may also be worn at school and is highly encouraged.


Students who do not follow the School Dress Code will be given a warning and may be asked to change into appropriate clothes.  If the student continues to not follow the dress code a parent conference will be scheduled.


It is the school’s goal to enforce this Dress Code for the maximum educational benefit, safety, and welfare of ALL our students.  Please support our school efforts by encouraging your child to dress appropriately.