Title I » Planning a Field Trip

Planning a Field Trip

Procedure for Setting Up a Field Trip and Necessary Forms

In order for all our students to benefit from a well-rounded education, we encourage teachers to arrange Field Trips.  Please complete the attached forms and return to Title One Office three weeks prior to field trip in order to best meet the needs of your request.  

Please keep in mind, regardless of the program sponsoring the activity, coordination from various offices is required.  For example, attendance office must be informed of students absent from other classes during that day.  Cafeteria must be informed if students require meals.  To expedite your request, we have established the following field trip procedure:

1.      Teacher completes LAUSD Request for Approval of School Organized Trip for Students Form three weeks prior to field trip date.  (Skip “SOURCE OF FUNDS section of #7, #13 and #17).

2.      Teacher checks master calendar in room 116 to verify the field trip does not conflict with other school events.

3.      Teacher prepares and distributes letter to parents explaining the educational value of the trip two weeks prior to field trip.  (Please provide a copy of letter). 

4.      Teacher collects and returns meal tickets to Cafeteria Manager (if meals are required) two weeks prior to field trip.

If you have any further questions regarding student field trips, please see Ms. Lara, Title I Coordinator.

Thank You for your cooperation.