Research Fast with the Digital Library

Why should you use Digital Library databases in your research 
                                                                          (as opposed to swimming around in Google).
Here are three reasons:
  1. Databases are created by experts and provide reliable, accurate, and trustworthy information known and peer-reviewed authenticated sources.
  2. Universities and colleges subscribe to these databases and so professors will expect you to use them.
  3. Each article provide a citation, saving you a lot of work, which you would otherwise be doing using the resources listed on our website here under "How To Cite Your Sources."
Please note: 
Teachers and students may access most of the Digital Library remotely using Remote Access.
Students see directions on our student e-mail page for directions on how to activate your own LAUSD e-mail account so you can access the Digital Library outside of school.
For databases and electronic media (including e-books) you can use anywhere anytime without an LAUSD e-mail account please go to Los Angeles Public Library. You need a library card to access these resources, which you can apply for here. And you can also see Ms. Moayeri in order to obtain your LAPL Student Success Card.
Thanks to Ms. L. Roche for the above information.
Digital Library Database Resources By Subject
Compiled by Ms. M. Buterbaugh
Updated by Ms. L. Moayeri
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