Library » Accessing Lincoln's Library From Any Device

Accessing Lincoln's Library From Any Device

You can access our school's library catalog from your handheld device, i.e., phone or tablet.
  1. Follow the steps below to download the app:
  2. Go to the app store or Google Play depending on your device.
  3. Search for "Destiny Quest."
  4. Download the free app.
Once the app is downloaded, follow the steps below to find our library's catalog:
  1. Type in:
  2. Select our school: Abraham Lincoln Senior High.
  3. Enter your LAUSD e-mail address in its entirety, including the portion as your username. If you don't have an LAUSD e-mail address, you can generate a free one here.
  4. Your password is your 10-character student ID (example: 012590M011), you can find this information on your student ID card.
You are ready to search!