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Book Talks on Ms. Moayeri's Personal Reading Challenge Spring 2021 Semester

Week 22: 17 January 2021
A frequent "banned book" about a transgender girl, Melissa, a fourth-grader who tackles obstacles and find allies as the rest of her immediate world slowly begins to realize what she's known all along, that she is a girl, an enlightening story about what it's like to be a young transgender person.
Week 23: 24 January 2021
Best known for "Big Little Lies," as with most Liane Moriarty's books, there is an ensemble cast of characters, each unique and interesting, whose lives are intertwined. This one is about inhabitants of an island off of Sydney, Australia and its unusual tourist attraction. There is a mystery and another bonus mystery, which is revealed at the very end. Very entertaining and satisfying, written for adults, but could be appealing for young adult audiences, loved it.
Week 24: 31 January 2021
A dystopian novel set in a time where water is the most precious commodity. The main protagonist, Lynn, lives with her mother, out in the country, where their water source is a pond that they spend a lot of their time defending by lying on the roof of their house, armed with rifles. They also spend time cutting wood and hunting and pillaging the surrounding abandoned homes for provisions. Lynn's mother makes sure they have no contact with others, but when she is gone, Lynn makes connections with other humans and starts caring about them and doing things for them which she finds out she kind of likes. First book in a two-books series. The follow-up is "In a Handful of Dust."
Week 25: 7 February 2021
From the author of "One Of Us Is Lying," "One Of Us Is Next" and "Two Can Keep A Secret" comes another intriguing mystery driven by layered characters, realistic dialogue and engaging storytelling for a thrilling reveal at the end--and in bits along the way. Impossible to get on with your life until you read it to the end.
Week 26: 14 February 2021
The story takes place at a time when you get a call on the day you will die letting you know it will happen. Two boys, Mateo and Rufus, who have never met both get the call. They connect with each other on Last Friend, an app made for people like them who need a friend on their last day. In their hours together, they go all around New York City, try out a wide range of things and get to know each other and unleash the best parts of each other in the process. The title already tell you how the book ends so don't expect anything different.
Five Week Marking Period
Week 27: 21 February 2021
A multi-generational story about light-skinned African American twins who grow up in a town where the goal is to become lighter and lighter. the two run away as teenagers and eventually split up, one chooses live as a White person while the other goes the other direction, coming home with a very dark child. The twins' daughters meet, each of them dealing with their mothers' choices and how those choices affected their lives. 
Week 28: 10 March 2021
A fantasy story told in the tradition of classic fairy tales complete with a horrifying premise where the people of the town are expected to give up the youngest child as a sacrifice to appease a witch, a magic girl, many evil entities, including one who feeds off the sorrow of the townspeople who have lost their babies, a dragon and a swamp creature. Winner of the Newberry Award in 2017.
Week 29: 15 March 2021
From the same author as "The Poet X" and "Clap When You Land," Emoni is a teen mother, and aspiring executive chef, in her senior year in high school facing all the decisions and milestones of that year compounded with the responsibilities of being a mother and putting her daughter first--sometimes at the risk of her own happiness, opportunities and future.
Week 30: 21 March 2021
Nora is feeling very pointless in her life and decides to take her life and ends up at the stroke of midnight at a library where she can choose from any number of lives she could have had by changing one of the decisions she regrets. She picks life after life after life, quickly changing her mind after each one and returning back to the library to make a difference choice.
Week 31: 28 March 2021
The first book of the extremely popular dystopian fantasy series. Published in 2011, Shatter Me borrows heavily from George Orwell's 1984 where the world is a decimated place and the Reestablishment wants to erase humanity's history. Our main protagonist, Juliette is isolated both physically and mentally as her touch can kill anyone she comes in contact with. She is pursued by numerous men, all with different agendas. Her romantic relationship with one of them, Adam, is very sexualized while her being is highly objectified throughout the novel. The book ends with her in a place very similar to Dr. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters from the X-Men where she find many other people with various powers, much like Rogue did in X-Men. There are 12 other books that follow this first one so there's a lot more story to go. And there are a lot better dystopian series to get stuck into.
Week 32: 4 April 2021
For fans of Karen M. McManus' One Of Us Is Lying and Mary McCoy's I, Claudia, They Wish They Were Us is a story about an elite group of students in a prep school who rule their domain with an iron fist, with cheating, with hazing and with general terror. The death of one of their own looms over the main protagonist, Jill, who becomes stronger and more determined as she gets closer to discovering who the real killer is. Coming soon as a series and very addicting.
Week 34: 7 April 2021
A novel in verse about sexual abuse from one of my favorite author poets whose books "What My Mother Doesn't Know" and "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know" are always checked out of our library at Lincoln. Sones very neatly and clearly tells a story of how a young girl's crush can turn into a sexual predator situation, how quickly infatuation can because molestation, how it can feel that you have no way out of this situation, and finally, a way to get out of it. 
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