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Advanced String Orchestra & Band Program

Lincoln High School currently offers:

Advanced String Orchestra

The String Orchestra is currently at its fourth year. At least one year of experience is needed to join. We perform at two school concerts a year and should be able to go to a Festival. Members are encouraged to create small groups to participate in small Ensemble festivals. Three years ago our trio received a superior rating at a festival.


Beginning Band/Instruments Class

Performs at the end of the school year at open house and the Spring concert.

No Experience is required. Learn how to play a:



Woodwind instruments such as the Flute, Clarinet, Alto or Tenor Saxophone.





Brass instrument such as the Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone or Tuba.




Percussion instruments such as Bells, Bass Drum and Snare drums.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is the 2nd year (intermediate) band in our Band Pathway program here at Lincoln. They perform in two concerts and at open house in the Spring.

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