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Ceramic Arts

Ceramic Arts Courses – Beginning with Ceramics 1A & 1B – in the first year students study three basic hand building techniques and are introduced to throwing on the potters’ wheel.  Additionally the history of human artistic development through pottery, its’ functions and forms and meanings are explored as a basis for personal self-expression.  Second year students - 2A & 2B, further develop their physical skills and are challenged to develop a personal aesthetic they can use to express their own creative ideals.  

AP 3D Studio Art - 

For this course, students build a portfolio of 3-D work through the school year to be submitted by the end of April. “For this portfolio, students are asked to demonstrate understanding of 3-D design through any three-dimensional approach, including, but not limited to, figurative or non-figurative sculpture, architectural models, metal work, ceramics, glass work, installation, performance, assemblage and 3-D fabric/fiber arts. There is no preferred style or content.” 2014 The college Board on the Web: