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Theater Arts

Theater and Stage Pathway:


The Theater and Stage Pathway offers opportunities for students to learn about, and participate in all aspects of theatrical production, from acting and playwriting, to scenic design and lighting. Students will engage in theoretical practice, as well has hands-on projects like school-wide theatrical productions.


Courses in the Theater and Stage Pathway:


Intro to Theater A/B


The emphasis in introduction to theater is artistic perception and creative expression. Students will be trained in the fundamental skills of the theatre arts, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, pantomime, learning of lines, creation of character, projection of ideas and emotions, and preparation and acting of scenes from plays. Acting projects will provide positive group experiences in collaborative assignments, developing self-discipline, evaluating the performances of others, and accepting constructive criticism.


Stage Design A/B:


In Stage Design, students receive a general survey of historical and aesthetic traditions in theatre and stage design. Opportunities are afforded for direct application of theory through participation in designing, constructing, painting, and lighting stage settings and props for school plays and programs. Instruction will consist of a combination of lecture and group projects mixed with real-world technical theater applications in the Auditorium and Black Box Theater.



Advanced Theater Production: (by audition only)


Students enrolled for Advanced Theater Production will work alongside the creative faculty and stage design team to produce a Fall Play, and Spring Musical every year.  In addition to the two larger productions, ATP students will have the opportunity to produce and direct smaller productions in the new Black Box theater including the Halloween production, Brown Bag Theater (student-generated material performed during lunch time) and so on.