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About MHC

The ambition of the Medical and Health Careers (MHC) Small Learning Community (SLC) is to provide students with a career focused educational program that will enable them to gain valuable knowledge and experience with the real working world before they graduate from high school. Students in this SLC will have increased opportunities to build important relationships with staff on campus and mentors outside the school from partnerships already formed with medical and health related organizations in the community.
MHC will provide each student and his or her parents with guidance and advisement that will insure the completion of the A-G requirements and as well as an accelerated program of study (for many). All stakeholders (students, staff, parents, and community partners) will be involved in the planning of rigorous and challenging academic programs. Students will participate in a variety of community health programs from which they will gain leadership and social skills and develop caring and respect for their community.
The MHC program will give every student equal access to rigorous curriculum. Students with special needs will be provided with a structured system of extra help to enable students to complete the accelerated program of study. Students who need to improve upon their literacy, language, and math skills will have access to the interventions and resources already provided by the school, as well as MHC instructors, and additional opportunities for assistance from many of the MHC partners.