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MHC Senior Portfolio

Do not wait until the last few days to make sure you have completed these requirements! Feel free to ask your teachers or counselors for help when you need it.

MHC Senior Portfolio Requirements:
  1. Grad Check List
  2. Career Cruising Survey
  3. Career Cruising Worksheet
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Education/Career Goals or Personal Statement
  6. Copy of a College Applications and Scholarships
  7. Transcript-Courses/Grades
  8. Samples of Work Assignments (5)
  9. Attendance Record
  10. Community Service (20 hours/class of2012)
  11. Certificates/Evidence of Training and Achievements (if applicable)
  12. Letters of Recommendation (2)
  13. Service Learning Project
****You will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony if these tasks are not complete! ****