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Online Resources

There are several things that you can do to improve your grades in all your classes. Such as pay attention in class, take good notes, review your notes, spend between two to three hours every day doing homework “no kidding" and, to have the extra edge to make all this possible, use the textbook resources online to help you understand the subject you are studying. Below is a list of links that are related to some of the textbooks you use in class. If you take the time to visit these websites and familiarize your self with them to learn all the resources available to review for tests and to complete your homework, I can guarantee you that your grades will improve very quickly. So, take the time and make these sites part of your educational experience.
Textbooks that are accesible online:
* Important*  If you need access codes for the following books
Physics, US History, Biology, World History, Chemistry.
 please see your teacher or go to Room 753 and see Mr. Bustillo.