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About Humanitas

Welcome to Humanitas School of Arts and Media at Lincoln High School
The Mission of the Humanitas School for Art and Media
The Humanitas School for Art & Media students will work to develop confident, active lifelong learners who strive to understand the implications of large concepts, and whose thirst for knowledge is motivated by the understanding that “the big picture is the only picture that really matters,” because ideas—especially powerful ideas—do not exist in isolation. 
Our school’s standards-based curriculum has an art-centered focus, the purpose of which is to prepare all students for an “on time” graduation. 
In order to do this we will ensure that all students meet graduation requirements and meeting A-G requirements in a personalized educational environment with an emphasis on mastery rather than competence. 
Students will be afforded the opportunity to take a number of arts specific courses reflecting the focus of the strand that they have selected. Our core classes in our SLC will have an arts focus and will refer to examples from art as is appropriate in order to teach the standards in the respective disciplines. In addition, we will prepare students for a field of study in education, performing arts, visual arts, and media arts or for immediate employment for those choosing to enter the work force after graduation.