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Thematic Unit Planning

The interdisciplinary theme is the driving force, the engine of the Humanitas model. Themes are the element of the model that shape the direction of study, help organize the information gathered and provide a thesis that enables students and teachers to make connections among disciplines.

For more assistance developing a thematic interdisciplinary lesson, a description of creating a theme and graphic organizers are provided below.

This year's themes include:

9th grade. We define identity through race and culture, choices, and self-advocacy.

10th grade. Colonization leaves an imprint and a legacy on both the perpetrators and the subjugated people.

11th grade. Conflict over man's relationship to land and the appropriate uses of territory and resources. Conservation vs. Capitalism.

12th grade. The pursuit of Happiness is the defining characteristic of humans. What are the different paths that people have taken in their hunger for contentment, peace and happiness?